Arao: The Fire Pelt Cat Attacks!, Round 01

I'm extremely miffed at cats. They are haughty and act like they own the world. The one before me was no better -- in fact, it stood there, arrogantly licking its paws after scratching and knocking me down, with that irritating cat smirk on its face.

An idea came to me as I slowly stood up. The fire pelt cat was instantly on the alert, spine arched, hair prickling up on its back. It issued forth a low-throated meow that was more like a growl. I knew against this kind of heightened reflexes I had no chance of hitting it. So I let my brain do the work.

Branding it with Pelor's mark, it was visibly annoyed and perturbed. Taking advantage of its momentary lapse in concentration, I flung my throwing hammer with full strength -- to its side. As expected, the cat jumped sideways at the sight of my sudden action, right smack into the hammer with double the force of impact.

Ha-ha-ha! It was my turn to mock the cat as it slowly got up on its feet, head shaking to remove the dizzying effect of the hammer.

"Compress to the center, comrades." I shouted instructions. "Don't let them flank you."


Rhonna: The Fire Pelt Cat Attacks!, Round 01

Cats and Dogs! Rhonna mutters as the goblins released their foul pets on her companions. Poor creatures! The goblins have bred and perverted them into violent monsters.

"Corellon help me!" Guy shouts as the three hounds charge towards him. Sharp enormous fangs, tear through the eldarin's priestly garment. Blood spraying through the beasts' gray pelt.

Rhonna shakes her head and falls a couple of steps back. This can't be happening. Not again.

Rhonna remembers the last time she visited the woods. Together with her friends, her sisters. The darkling coven of Sandpoint. That's what they called their little group.

She was just fifteen back then. Fifteen and rebellious.

They snuck out into the nearby woods one night. All six of them. Was Nualia among them? Rhonna can't remember.

Dancing and chanting. That's what they did. One of them found this strange ritual somewhere and they had to try it. It was a simple spell. An incantation of blood and bones.

Something came out of the ritual. Something unspeakable.

"Rhonna!" Lloyd shouts as he hacked through one of the hounds. The half-elf's sword barely made a scratch on the mongrel's thick hide.

"Do something!"

Lloyd's voice rattles her back to reality. Rhonna draws out an ornamental bronze knife, etched with symbols of the seven major constellations. She raises the weapon up into the heavens and points her other hand at Lloyd's enemy.

"Blue Phoenix burns your flesh, Celestial Lion burns your bones," Rhonna mutters a baneful hex against the goblin mongrel. "Serpent Warrior crushes your spirit…"

I promise Aunt Mathel never to do this sort of thing again, Rhonna thought to herself as she continued her cursing magic.

The knife begins to shimmer like a miniature supernova. Rhonna raised her other hand, pointing her fingers at the foul goblin beast.

The light from the bronze knife flowed through Rhonna's body. Like a river of celestial energy, it rushes through her veins. For a brief moment, Rhonna could once again hear the music of the stars, the celestial melody of the constellations filling her soul.

A powerful bolt of light shot through her fingers. The eldritch energy, magnified by the witch's hexing curse and the celestial stars, glowed like blue flames engulfing the rampaging mongrel.


Gryffin: The Fire Pelt Cat Attacks!, Round 01

"You're asking glass-jawed weakling ME? To cover the dragonborn?" Gryffin muttered weakly as his head whipped around to check-out their surroundings.

Seeing the pack of dogs on the other side of the cleric..."Ah ok...I'll attack the cat instead -the cat it is!" Gryffin said as he promptly fired a bolt of magic.

"Yes, magic missle hurling glass jawed you." Loyd chimed.

Then, Gryffin said: "Let's see how the cat likes eating magic missiles and eldritch blasts, shall we? Oh and feel free to throw it a hex or two for dessert." to Rhonna with a sidelong glance.


Guillaume: The Fire Pelt Cat Attacks!, Round 01

Guy could do nothing but raise his arms to cover his face. The dogs had large sharp teeth like knives which lacerated Guy's arms. It swiftly overpowerd the eladrin cleric. Their claws dug deep into his flesh inflicting serious injuries. Guy did not have time to react to the pain, occupied with the source of the command to release the hounds.

"Hidden in the forest lies the voice that rules the beasts" Guy murmurs as he manages to safely fall back. His longsword raised hoping to fend off the naturally aggressive beasts.

"We are surrounded?!!" Rhonnadel's earthy feminine voice carried a hint of panic. "Thanks for the update." Gryffin prattled, his brow raised.

"Mon seigneur, aidez-nous" It was more like a plea in between gasps of pain, rather than a standard prayer the cleric was used to. But the essence of what he needed was answered. The symbol briefly glowed rich and warm and his wounds were no more.

Unfazed by the ambush Arao commanded "Stand your ground. Pelor is with us."


Lloyd: The Fire Pelt Cat Attacks!, Round 01

The attack caught Lloyd off guard. They were in the middle of discussing how to proceed when the feline and the dogs attacked. Arao was immediately downed by the wild cat while Guy was being surrounded and torn by the goblin dogs.

Dealing with animals not my forte forte. That was Jarek's job. But the ranger was not with him so they had to make do with what they have.

"Gryffin!" Lloyd shouted. "Cover Arao until he can get back to his feet!"

"Rhonna, you're with me!" The half-elf continued as he ran towards their distressed cleric. "Let's get those dogs off him."

"Everyone, keep an eye out for whoever that is giving those commands."

Lloyd drew both his father's short swords and quickly struck two wounds on the nearest goblin dog. They bit deep but not enough to take them out of the fight.

This is gonna take a while.


Goblin Dogs: The Fire Pelt Cat Attacks!, Round 01


With another word echoing thru the thickets, the vines release their hold on the goblin dogs. The three canine's quickly rush towards the eladrin priest which only a few minutes ago was commanding them into silence.

Vicious growls and barks filled the clearing as the trio charges and bites Guy leaving the priest bloodied in the few seconds that passed.


DM: The Fire Pelt Cat Attacks!

Suddenly, while you are all deciding on how to proceed, from around the thick wall of thistles that opens into a narrow corridor to the east, a snarling large cat comes bounding. She is as tall as a leopard, but with orange and red mottled fur. Her face has been augmented with what appears to be natural chalk, to give her a white snout. She snarls viciously at you all, ready to engage.

At the same time a goblin voice could be heard echoing from the thickets around.

"Dakaakhuur! Druuc! Akhan!"

At the command, the fire pelt cat charges and pounces on the nearest party member - Arao. Taken by surprise the dragonborn paladin falls prone to the feline's attack who in turns pounces away once its attack is dealt.


Rhonna: Argh! The Goblin Dogs Are Upon Us!

So these are the dogs that attacked the town, Rhonna mutters as she looks over the large mangy hounds. She heard about the goblin attack from her aunt. The goblins decided to strike during the festival and Rhonna was at home making some brutwheat cakes. Aunt Mathel ran home screaming at her, telling her to shut the windows and bolt the doors.

"Goblins have invaded Sandpoint!" Aunt Mathel screamed. Her portly frame was trembling with fear.

It took Rhonna several hours before she calmed her aunt down. Poor Aunt Mathel, Rhonna sighs. She's alone right now. Who will take care of her when the goblins return?


The eladrin known as Guillaume shouts at the beasts. Suddenly the dogs cease their incessant barking. Rhonna looks at this with amazement and awe. The priest of Corellon is truly powerful!

"Nice work, Guillaume." Gryffin compliments his comrade. "I guess we can ignore them now and press forward...to where?"

Rhonna wants to tell her companions to leave this wretched forest and look for another route. None of them are capable of navigating through the wilderness. Jarek was suppose to be with them but the woodsman had gone missing.

A while ago, Rhonna suggested using the stars to help them guide their way through the maze-like woods. But Gryffin scolded her and told her that idea was stupid. The trees of Thistle tunnels are thick and practically cover most of the sky.

These people seem to know what they are doing, Rhonna thought to herself. I better not get in their way.

They all think that Nualia is alive. The paladin and the priest kept talking about her, saying that she's the source of this evil infesting Sandpoint. But Nualia is dead! She died years ago. Rhonna tried convincing them of this, but they refused to believe her. Gryffin looked at her with scorn, as if she's a crazy woman.

"I know what I saw and I know that Nualia is dead," Rhonna silently mutters to herself


Lloyd: Argh! The Goblin Dogs Are Upon Us

Lloyd looked back at the party as they made their way thru the thistle tunnels.  They had to leave their horses at the entrance to the forest as the tunnels were barely high enough to allow them to stand up straight.


It was by pure luck that he found the concealed door.  The half-elf kept on hoping that their luck would hold on especially now that Jarek was not with them.  Nobody amongst the group really had any experience with the traveling in the wilderness.


The tunnels continued to twist and turn and the party had no choice to but to follow the trail which most likely would lead towards Thistletop.  The dim light filtering thru the forest canopy and the hard forest floor did not provide any clues as to which direction they should take.  Even if the ground were littered with forest branches and leaves not one of them knew how to find any tracks.


Lloyd and Gryffin were able to warn the group as a clearing opened before them.  From where they stood, three goblin dogs could be seen sleeping within a makeshift kennel amongst the forest trees.  The heavy footsteps of the dragonborn’s approach, however, triggered a couple of snaps from the twigs on the floor which in turn awakened the sleeping dogs which in turn began to bark at the intruders.


Before the party could decide on what to do the eladrin cleric steps forward and utters a word towards the dog, effectively silencing their barking.


Lloyd was wary as to the possibility of the dogs’ barking being heard and waited.  When nothing happened, he pointed towards the eastern path and lead the party onwards.


Gryffin: Goblin Dogs are Upon Us...?

Gryffin saw the Cleric silence the mongrels with nothing but harshwords.

For a moment he thought it was some Divine spell-- but recognizing that the Cleric had merely spoken in the Goblin's harsh toungue, he realized that that was just that.

"Nice work, Guillaume." Gryffin spoke to the cleric.

"I guess we can ignore them now and press forward...to where?"


Guillaume: Argh! The Goblin Dogs are Upon Us

the giant dogs barks echoed loudly in the tunnels.

arao swayed his head and warned the group that this rocus must have alerted everyone already. he urged everyone to move forward. "let's keep to the right."

"why not just kill them now. when we have the chance?" guy detested the beasts and the noise the permeated inside the tunnels made it seem worse than it actually is. it became so much so to his delicate eladrin ears, he bravely stood as close but safe as possible and attempted to order the beasts to be quiet in fluent goblin speak.

"tel'daakaan!"* to which the dogs obeyed and grew silent.

this surprised even guy himself. everyone turned to look at guy questioningly. uncertain on how to repond to the stares, guy shrugged his shoulders.

(* translated from goblin: "Silence!")


DM: Argh! The Goblin Dogs are Upon Us!

You sniff around for a bit, peering into the hole, and inspecting the small clearing you find yourself in. The hole appears to be a natural land slip that has revealed a sea cave below. Or at least you guess it is a sea cave. You can hear the waves below, but the drop is deep and far, and you cannot see the bottom.

Eventually you decide to press on, and the right hand tunnel seems as good as any. It twists on for a few feet, opening out again. To the left is a musty, foul smelling chamber hacked into the natural bramble. The chamber floor is covered with matted, wiry fur. Well-gnawed bones lie scattered about the floor, and a dozen wooden stakes have been driven into the ground near the walls. The chamber, unfortunately, is not deserted.

There are three Goblin Dogs, their leashes tied to stakes (there are twelves stakes in all, so nine dogs appear to be missing), straining and growling at you.

They are pulling hard on the wooden stakes driven into the ground, straining to reach you, but they are too far to make contact, and the stakes show no sign of failing.

Ahead, passing by the goblin dogs if you wish, the passage continues east for a few short feet before splitting north and south.


DM: The Thistle Tunnels

The walk is thankfully short, and the rain holds off, for the most part. There is a dampness to the air - a heavy feeling, as if the sky itself is waiting the coming assault.

It would be wrong to say you didn't feel nervous. It was one thing fighting off a small goblin invasion in Sandpoint, quite another to walk into the very heart of goblin territory and attempt to take our the defenders, their leader, and the partly demonic girl that appears to be behind the "troubles" that Sandpoint has been subject to.

Hemlock's instructions are good. It is easy to find your way to the Nettlewood, and then further on to the small bridge that marks the crossing of the Thistle River. You stop here for a while, sitting on the cold stones of the river bank, watch the distant clouds broil. Once your breath is caught, and your courage steadied, you turn left and delve into the dark, tangled mass of the Nettlewood itself, moving north towards the distant shore.

The briars and thistles that grow so rampantly in the Nettlewood grow even more dense and tangled as you approach the shore. Although not quite dense enough to block the sound of waves crashing on the unseen shores to the west and north, the undergrowth is certainly thick enough to block sight and access to the coast. Few trees grow this close to the edge of the sea, but the briars themselves often reach heights to rival them.

You stop in a tiny clearing, around which the briars reach some 20 feet high.

The way ahead appears to be blocked by the thick mesh of thorned briars. You could cut your way through, perhaps, but that would take hours, possibly even days. As you stop to consider what to do next, perhaps even contemplating having to turn back, Lloyd spots something. He moves gingerly to the wall of briars, and begins tugging at a patch. It resists for a second, and then appears to swing open, as if it is a door.

A four-foot tunnel winds through the dense briars and nettles beyond this door. The floor is hard packed earth, with patches of wiry plants growing stubbornly here there. The clear cuts to some of the fresher branches makes it clear that this tunnel has been cut from the briars, and is maintained to stop it over-growing. It appears you have found a goblin tunnel through the impenetrable briar wall. Their lair must be close!

You navigate these short tunnels with some difficulty, snagging your clothes, and on occasion drawing tiny drips of blood from thin scratches. After a few painful minutes you reach a large cave like chamber. Above the thorny canopy grows thin enough that tiny slivers of sky can be seen, while below the ground consists of trampled dirt. To the west, the distant sound of sloshing waves echoes up from a hole.

Other than the hole (which is large enough to jump into, not that you should), there are passages to the north and to the east.


Guillaume: Evening of Day Four

everyone is asleep. i look over the maps laid on top of each other on the table flattened by books and scrolls. it was like a miniature city with roads and quarters. i wanted to be prepared for this mission and more than anything else, i .. (rather) we must stop that creature.

images of elyrium haunted me. laughing at my face. "you can't defeat me i am power incarnate! or perhaps your god has abandoned you! bwahahaha!". her shrieks taunted me provided me with no solace, no peace, nothing but self doubt. i am positive that this was false memory but things like this often take hold of me especially when i am about to do something very important. i sat and meditated to chase these insecurities away from my mind. to help me keep focus. i blew off all the lit candles save one plunging my chamber into the darkness. i watched the sole flickering fire at the top of the candle and i felt better already. this singular image of a light amidst the darkness reveals hope and to fight this battle i must have courage - whole and pure. i sang under my breath. an inspirational song of

close to morning. i woke up to a distant dream and the candle from earlier has long since been melted. i could only manage to see from the moon light that has found its way in by the window. this might be my last day to be alive. it occured to me. this important mission that the mayor has entrusted upon me and my friends. i shall not fail. this is for the people of sandpoint. this is for corellon.

i lit another candle.

i consulted the thistletop maps wondering how are we suppose to get up to the top of that giant head. from the looks of it, there was but one way into the city of goblins. i became concerned looking how far we will fall if do not manage to get across the hanging bridge. i can not imagine how we will manage that. i thought about going by sea but maybe it is more dangerous without the cover of the ancient forests.

there are voices in my head. one that other encourages me to be brave. and for today this voice gently spoke, in this city where there is not likely a church dedicated to corellon, it is a perfect opportunity to spread the faith. i chuckled to myself at the silly notion.


Gryffin: Evening of Day Four

If Gryffin wasn't so occupied with thoughts regarding their new "mission" he would've been sad and depressed.

As things stood, things were looking pretty bad. Jarek had apparently abandoned their team, letting his obssession with Vynna take him beyond what would have been in Gryffin's mind the logical, cautious and ultimately more effective way of getting at Tsuto.

The argument played over in his mind.

"Jarek, be reasonable!" Gryffin had said.

"We know that Tsuto is most likely going to Thistletop and we'll catch him there!" He continued.

"The trail is still warm! I can track him down!" Jarek had countered.

From Jarek's expression and the fact that the veins had stood out from the back of his hands from the tightness with which he gripped his bow, Gryffin knew that his friend wasn't really hearing the logic in the argument.

"WHY IS HE BEING SO STUPID?" Gryffin thought.

Gryffin closed his eyes as he calmed himself. He quelled the urge to blast his friend with a spell in exasperation but couldn't help himself from quipping under gritted teeth: "Fine, you can go ahead - try and find out what you can but please come back..." He wanted to end with "..Or we'll just have to retrieve your corpse you bullheaded idiot!" but caught himself and instead finished with "...and be careful."

Jarek pomptly stomped out of Mayor Kendra's office after that.

Gryffin wondered if he could've said something better -more clever to convince Jarek to stay but he couldn't come up with anything.

He decided to focus on planning for the assault on Thistletop.

"I'll have to review my books...perhaps learn a different set of spells." He thought as he carried the collection of polearms he had gotten from the catacombs. Truth be told, the spritely Eladrin was a strange site walking in the dimly lit streets of Sandpoint as he made his way home. He carried a staff in each hand while the ancient spear floated behind him born aloft by a cantrip.

As he caught sight of Quint's doorstep from the path he was walking, he found that the excitement of showing one of his adopted fathers the ancient relic he had found was muffled. The day’s events and direness of the town's situation and the threats that still loomed from a few feet under the very ground he walked on served to dampen his spirits.

Nevertheless, as the door to the house opened and the familiar scents of home greeted him, he felt relieved.


Quint had been ecstatic at recieving the copy of Alaznist's spear.

"Oh my! This this is a ancient relic!" He had exclaimed in jubilant surprise.

The unexpected gift had put Quint in a very good mood. He was cheerful for the rest of the evening. Which was very unusual indeed for the normally dour sage. So unusual in fact that Gryffin and Volioker found themselves unable to find trepidation in the recounting of events in the catacombs. In fact this uncanny family of a dwarf, elf and a human found themselves excitedly discussing the possiblities of what lay beneath Sandpoint over copious amounts of tea.

Quint was about to prepare another pot when Gryffin said "As interesting as all this is, I think I better get my rest."

"Oh...right you are, son." Quint said with an unreadable expression as Volioker calmly stared into his cup of tea.

Gryffin made his way to his room. As he closed the door, he knew that Volioker and Quint would be talking about his adventures well into the night. And that perhaps at breakfast, all the initial excitement will have worn off and worry will have settled in. It would be best for him to do everything he had to and leave the house at the crack of dawn before his fathers decided that hunting goblins would be too dangerous a task for him.

Gryffin was thankful that as an Eladrin he needed only a few hours of meditation rather than sleep. He would be able to avoid his fathers’ questions and "suggestions" by leaving the house before they woke-up.


Gryffin looked around his room and gathered various scrolls. He went to his work table, laid down the scrolls, took out his spellbook and began the process of comparing and selecting the spells that he thought would be most useful for the task. When he had made his selection, he took out a rune-etched pen and the various powders that made the special inks needed to empower the arcane sigils he drew onto the pages of his spellbook -- shaping, binding and locking the energies he would need to cast them.

At the crack of dawn Gryffin made his way through town and the marketplace toward the Feathered Serpent, the shop run by Vorvashali Voon.

He had decided to enhance his arsenal of spells with alchemical potions from the more experienced wizard.


Arao: Evening of Day Four

Sehanine's eye was high in the sky when I started meditating in Pelor's alcove inside the temple. The day's events were heavy on my mind as I communed with my deity. The encounters inside the catacombs proved that my current level of power was not enough to fight the masterminds of these dastardly events.

"Oh Pelor my glorious god," I began my supplication. "Hear thy faithful's cry for aid, and grant him added power to oppose the coming darkness."

The room shimmered brightly while I prayed. I felt Pelor's divinity as I was infused with new-found power -- the ability to heal my comrades as I strike down my foes. The candles flickered and I was neatly surprised as I gained another benefit, my eyesight improved and I was now able to see clearly in the dim corners of the room.

"Praise be the grace of the Morning Sun," I intoned thankfully. "These new gifts will be used wisely against the darkness."


DM: Leaving Sandpoint

It is early the next morning, too early perhaps, that you have gathered at the central garrison. Sheriff Hemlock walks with you towards the north gate.

"It is a six mile walk, or so. You take the road all the way, past the Old Lighthouse, and then along the coast. Eventually you will start to veer away from the coast, skirting along the edge of Shank's Wood. Beyond that are the small mounds we call 'Pauper's Graves', and then the Nettlewood. The Thistletop goblins like within the Nettlewood, or at least they live on an island just off the coast, but you have to go through the Nettlewood to get to the bridge that takes you to the island."

He pauses as you near the gate, not yet finished with his directions.
"What to do is, take the Lost Coast Road east until you hit the Thistle River. This is a mile or two after you start walking with the Nettlewood on your left. The river spills out into the sea just a shade east of the Thistletop island, so one route is to follow the river into the Nettlewood until you find a goblin trail. At worst, you will hit the north coast and should be able to see the island off the coast and correct your path."

He hands you a crude map.

"Beware, though. They may be goblins, but they are numerous, and their leader is strong, and you will be fighting on their terms! Come back to us in one piece. I am not sure what we will do if you fail. Good luck!"

He nods, turns, and trudges off through the muddied streets, turned slick by the rain that has been falling all morning.

It is time to leave.


Rhonnadel: Evening of Day Four

No matter how hard I try to forget about the past, it keeps haunting me. I don't blame Aunt Mathel for protecting me from all the things that happened before. She's done a better job raising me than my parents ever had.

There are a lot of things happening in Sandpoint right now. And there will be a lot more dreadful events looming in the near future. The stars have spoken.

I walk down the stairs, all pack up and ready to leave. Aunt Mathel is standing at the door, looking tired and defeated.

The recent goblin attacks and the incident at the glasswork factory has shaken everyone. Aunt Mathel is try to act strong for me, but deep down she is suffering.

"I have to leave for now," I say diplomatically. "The town needs my help."

Silently she nods, holdling back her tears like a proud matron.

I want to reassure her, tell her that I'll be safe. But I didn't. She's too proud to show off her feelings, too much like a Crane. May the stars be kind to her.


The White Deer Inn looks inviting. It's been a while since I visited any of the local hangouts in town. People still give me the strange look as I walk by. The older folks would whisper amongst themselves, silently wishing that I'd go away. I don't blame them for what happened and I knew the consequences of what we did.

I opened the door and stepped it. The lobby still looked the same. I still smell the faint musky scent of roasted boars and fermented beer.

Several locals look up as I walk towards the dining area. I see a couple of familiar face at the end of the room, eating their food in silence.

"Lloyd!" I wave at the young half-elf. "It's been a while."

Lloyd smiles and offers me at seat. "Guys, I like you to meet Rhonnadel, an old friend of mine."

I smile as the young warlord introduce me to his friends. Like most people born under the sign of the Serpent Warrior, Lloyd exudes charm and confidence. I notice several people from the other table looking at the half elf with admiration.

"Rhonnna!" Gryffin exclaims. "I can't believe you're here!"

The slender eladrin gave me a warm hug before sitting down. "I miss going to places like this," I exclaim.

Both Lloyd and Gryffin quickly introduce me to their companions, a dragonborn knight of Pelor and a holy priest of Corellon.

The priest, another young eladrin, immediately look at me and ask, "so Lloyd tells me you might know something about demons."

I notice Gryffin kicking the priest under the table, telling him to shut up. "I had some experiences with evil creatures before," I answer.

"Thanks for agreeing to help us," Lloyd adds. "I know it must be difficult for you."


Lloyd: Evening of Day Four

After the meeting with the Sheriff, Lloyd was at a loss as to whether he should stay and defend the town from the possible threat of Erylium or to join the rest of his new found companions and head out to Thistletop. He was to meet his companions back at the white deer but instead he found himself making his way back to his own place and into his father’s old room.

He normally went to the room ever since his father died when he wanted to think and make decisions. For him, it brought him closer to his father and thus the possible advice the old man would have given him.

Upon entering the room, he headed to his father’s chair and sat. He was there for a while and thoughts passed by his mind. The half-elf wanted to consult with his childhood friends but Gryffin has already headed back home to prepare for the journey to the supposedly Goblin base. During the meeting with the sheriff, it seems that the eladrin wizard, as well as, are Arao were convinced that the runewell and the quasit will be of no significant threat to the town as long as the anticipated goblin attack doesn’t push thru.

Jarek, however, was nowhere to be found. The ranger was pretty much exasperated when the rest of the party decided to concentrate on the threat of the quasit rather than help him track down the escapee Tsuto. Lloyd trusted in the ranger’s ability to take care of himself but worried about the path to which the decisions his friend was taking him.

Lloyd fell asleep in the chair with his last though still on what to do.

When the young warrior got up, it was deep into the night and the moon was illuminating the room thru the open window. Moonlight flooded into the room and yet seemed to settle on an old trunk that once belonged to Casp Avetin.

Lloyd went over to the case. He knew what was inside – his human father’s weapons and armor. The items inside where the equipment – a pair of short swords and the his guardsman armor - that the old sheriff had when he was tracking down the serial killer Cutter five years ago Casp avertin died wearing and wielding these while defending the town.

He knew what he must now do. He had to follow his father’s footsteps.

The half-elf warrior then gathered his father's heirloom and started to pack for the journey ahead.


Jarek: Alone (Part 2)

Day quickly turned into night. I continued on my pursuit, determined to catch up with Tsuto and his friend. The half-elf was sloppy, leaving an obvious trail in the wood. His footprints were everywhere. Judging from the tracks, it appears that he was with his savior and they were moving fast.

This only meant two things. Tsuto might still be injured, or he could be leaving the trail intentionally, just to bait me.

The forest became alive as the sun descended into the mountains. I pulled my ranger's cloak tighter, keeping myself hidden in the thick foilage.

After two more hours, I finally caught up to my prey. I could hear Tsuto's voice in a nearby clearing. The half-elf was talking to his friend. Both were discussing battle strategy and they were not trying hard to keep themselves hidden.

I silently crept into their camp, bow and arrows ready. The half-elf was still wounded, yet he had regained some color in his face. He and the black woman were arguing over something. She muttered something and Tsuto frowned.

Pointing the arrows at the woman, I fired.

She uttered an arcane word and but her arrows bounced off her body. The force of the arrows knocked her into the ground though.

"It's about time you showed up," Tsuto announced. "You are sloppy Jarek. I heard you a mile away."

I kept quiet, drawing two more arrows.

The half elf stood up, looked over my general direction. "I know you'd come. Frankly I was disappointed that it took you this long to catch up."

I pointed the arrows at Tsuto.

"I'm offering you another chance, Jarek." The half elf said. "I can help you find Vynna. No one else in that damn village ever cared for you or your sister. I know how it feels to be misunderstood and be cast aside."

Tsuto smiled confidently as I held my position.

"Vynna misses you. She does. There's more to her disappearance than you know. I can help you in many ways, Jarek. Come out and let's talk."

The black woman gave out a sigh, struggling to stand up. "Tsuto, help me!" She hollered.

"Keep your voice down," the half-elf gave her a cool penetrating glare. "I'm talking to an old friend."

My thoughts were on Vynna and Tsuto's invitation. There was a hint of honesty and candidness in the half-elf's voice.

Tsuto gazed over to where I was hiding and smiled. "I'm willing to tell you the truth. You'll realize how misguided Lloyd, Gryffin and the others are."

I lowered my bow and slowly stepped in the clearing.

Tsuto held out his arms, openly welcoming me into the camp. "I'm glad you decided to join me. Let's talk."


Jarek: Alone (Part 1)

I left in haste, fuming mad. This shouldn't have happened. Tsuto shouldn't have escaped. I should have been there to stop him.

Stupid Mayor, I muttered to myself. They are all stupid! This town can go to hell! I only want to find Vynna. Nothing else matters.

None of the others followed me out, I noted. They were still inside Kendra's office talking strategy and relaxing. Well there's no time for rest. I must look for Tsuto and get the truth from him.

The first place I checked was Tsuto's cell. It was pretty much banged up. The guards told me about his daring escape. How they were quickly overpowered by a spell the black young woman cast. Tsuto managed to slit one of the guards' throat. But his partner escaped.

I quickly searched for the surviving guard. The man was half asleep when I knocked in his house. Fortunately, I managed to convince him to help me out. The guard to me that Tsuto and the woman fled Sandpoint, heading east.

"They must have fled to the forest," I concluded. "To hide there."

"I guess so," the solider yawned.

Well they made the wrong choice. The forest is my territory. They have entered my playing field. I smiled to myself as I left Sandpoint.


Guillaume: Evening of Day Four

the more i learned about what we are up against, the more i grew afraid. it was not from having lack of faith but rather from the constant replay of the events that had just happened. i kept reliving the events beneath sandpoint at the catacombs. particularly that taunting moment when the sacred flames did little against the dark powers of the demonic quasit. it was as if it had power over .. i could no longer continue this line of thought. it was sacrilege at the least. i gave a short of prayer of apology. "pardonnez moi mon seigneur. je crois en toi mon seigneur. que ma foi me donne le fort."

later that day, after my daily meditation. i went quickly to the tavern to meet with the others. i relayed all the information i have gathered and possible leads.

"where is jarek?" i paused at the middle of discussing quasits.

everyone looked around the table, shoulders shrugging and palms open, and then around the tavern.

"he must have gone to look for tsuto"


The Evening of Day Four

On the evening of the fourth day, as the sky turns purple, and as the four (less Jarek) of you sit down together for dinner at the White Deer (where you have finally persuaded Garridan to take your coin for your custom), a messenger comes to get you. You are ushered back to the Mayor's office where Keverin smiles warmly as you arrive. Sheriff Hemlock stands beside her. He looks exhausted, his cloak dusty from the road, his boots thick with mud. Mayor Keverin speak.

"Thank you for coming. Hemlock has returned from Magnimar with some soldiers to defend the town!"

The relief is evident in her voice. Hemlock moves forward.

"They have provided ten fully trained soldiers for the duration of the winter, at least five months! It is a welcome addition to our defences, but it may not be enough. Mayor Keverin has told me about the ... horrors ... that you uncovered. I thank you, the whole town thanks you. But it worries me. Some great evil is stirring below our fair town, and now the goblins are due to attack us. Can I see the notes you recovered from Tsuto?"

He flicks through the booklet, his face creased with concern.

"Nulia is leading these beasts? I thought she was dead, but now it makes it clear that she killed her father and fled. And what demonic influence is this that Tsuto talks of? I am concerned that if the goblins attack en-masse, then even with the soldiers from Magnimar, our town may perish."

Mayor Keverin interjects.

"Sherriff Hemlock and I have been discussing this threat. The Thistletop goblins command a small complex that sits atop an island off the coast, about six miles from here. They are a strong tribe, the strongest, and it seems that they may have gained control over the other tribes. We feel that our only chance of stopping their attack before it happens is to take out their leader. We don't think they would ever have planned an attack on Sandpoint on their own. They don't have the intelligence or acumen to form allegiences let alone plan an attack. Would you be willing to take the attack to them? To try and take out their leader before they arrive at the walls of Sandpoint?"


Lloyd: Research

"Jarek!" Lloyd called out as he saw the ranger leave the mayor's office. "Where do you think you're going? We still need to check some stuff regarding the catacombs."

The ranger partially ignored him and just stated as he continued to walk away. "I have my own business to attend to."

Lloyd watched as the ranger went on his way towards the clinic where Tsuto was last kept. He understood that for the longest time Jarek was searching for his sister and now that he had found a clue as to where she might be he was going to do all that he can.

* * *

Lloyd made his way to the Rusty Dragon Inn. There he was greeted by the halfling cook, Bethana which led her to the kitchen where Ameiko was cooking. She looked fine now that she has been clean and well rested.

"I heard Tsuto got away." Ameiko stated not even turning her back. "He hasn't been here if that's what you're here for."

"Actually, I'm here more because of the glassworks."

Lloyd proceeded to tell Ameiko what they found out in the tunnels and in the catacombs. Omitting some stuff which might upset the girl.

"If you could tell us more about it, we would greatly appreciate it."

Ameiko gives a sigh and stats her tale. "My father wasn't really the honest man he is supposed to be. That's what he and Tsuto mostly fight about. According to him the tunnels were built decades ago by smugglers, the tunnel remains stable and serviceable as it winds on a lazy northeasterly route before reaching a dead end. There's a secret door that opens into a cave on the side of the cliff overlooking the Varisian Bay. My father used those to help the thieve's guild in smuggling stuff into Sandpoint.

"The other tunnel was an attempt to break into what the smugglers assumed would be
the garrison basement, so that they could smuggle prisoners out for great profit. Yet what they discovered were the Catacombs of Wrath, and what the smugglers found there convinced them to brick up the tunnel and never speak of it again.

"I guess that's what you found out."

"Lloyd," Ameiko softly states at the warlord. "If you do find Tsuto, tell him I forgive him and that I still love my brother."

The half-elf nods his thanks and heads back to town to meet the rest of the party.


Guillaume: Research

Guillaume, Father Zanthus and the acolyte's went thru the cathedral's library in search for any clue regarding the quasit. Most of the old church's books burned down during the fire a couple of years back but the priests were able to glimpse a couple of clues as to the nature of the creature.

"Here's something." Father Zanthus stated as he read from one of the books. "A quasit is a tiny humanoid-shaped creature with spiky horns and bat wings hovers nearby. Its hands and feet are long and slender, with long, claw-tipped digits. Warts or pustules cover its greenish skin.

"In its natural form, a quasit stands about 1-1/2 feet tall and weighs about 8 pounds. Quasits are insidious demons from the Abyss. They are often found serving chaotic evil spellcasters as counselors and spies.

Father Zanthus looked up from the book and turned to Guy. "Was there any other spellcaster in the catacombs which might have been the creature's master?"

"None that we saw." The eladrin cleric shook his head.

"Well, if it is ancient knowledge you need," Father Zanthus answered as he turned back towards searching the library. "Then Brodert Quink is the one you need to seek out. He is an expert in Varisian history ... a bit of an odd-pot to be honest, and as cantankerous as they come. He has been researching the ancient runes found around these parts, and has some ... strange ... theories about the Old Light and the other ruins in these parts. Still, I recommend you visit him after our current work is done. He isn't exactly a quick talker! Just let me know when you are ready and I can introduce you to him. For what it is worth!"


Jarek: The Return to Daylight

"I'm glad we made it out of that creepy cavern," Gryffin muttered as we returned back to the town. The battle with Erylium took a toll on the eladrin wizard. It took a lot of mental concentration for Gryffin to see through the demon's illusion. He appeared weary, dragging his enchanted staff on the ground.

"Corellon help us," Guy muttered nervously. "We're dealing with demons."

There was a sense of fear and dread in the priest's voice. Among the five of us, he was the one who was most shaken from the encounter with Erylium. The disciple of Corellon must have an inkling of what we were dealing with, and it was that knowledge that terrified him.

Arao led us back to the Mayor's office. The dragonborn was silent. Despite the heavy gashes and his limping leg, the paladin walked with a noble stride. The villagers greeted him with awe and reverence, believing that he was their great champion -- the one what will save them from destruction.

As soon as we entered Mayor Kendra's office, Lloyd quickly recounted the events that transpired. The half-elf mentioned about the crypt, the sinspawns, and Erylium. I watched the others as the young warlord spoke. Arao kept a stoic facade. Guy was uttering a silent prayer for those soliders who have died. Gryffin closed his eyes and appeared to be meditating in silence.

"Hemlock will be back in a few days. Lets wait for him. It is pretty obvious that the goblins plan to attack us here en-masse." The Mayor replied after listening to Lloyd's tale.

"The journal you recovered from Tsuto makes that pretty clear. I only wished he was still here so that we could confirm such things. But someone broke him out of prison just a couple of hours ago."

My eyes flashed wide. "Tsuto escaped?"

"The guards watching over Tsuto were overpowered by a dark skinned female," Mayor Kendra replied.

"You let him escape!" I shouted, looking at the Mayor as if she was the one to blame. "We nearly died capturing him, and you let him escape?"

"Jarek!" the half-elf called out, hoping to calm me down.

Unfortunately this was the last straw.

"I should have known this would happen!" I answered back. "You should have posted more guards!"

"That's enough, woodsman!" Arao muttered. "It's not the Mayor's fault that Tsuto got away."

"Tsuto knows what happened to my sister," I muttered. "I should have stayed behind, kept a close watch on him."

Mayor Kendra raised her hand, signalling my companions to keep quiet and let her speak. "I am really sorry, Jarek." The Mayor walked towards me and took a deep breath. "You know we lack the man power here."

I shook my head, trying to shut out the anger and rage I was feeling inside. "I'm going to look for him."

"We can do this later," Lloyd advise. "We need to plan our strategy."

"You can do your planning," I snapped. "I'm going to track him down."

I walked out of Kendra's office and quickly headed to the clinic, hoping to find some clue as to where Tsuto went.


Guillaume: The Return To Daylight

As soon as he reaches town, he goes straight to the church archives and then briefly at the library to study on quasits.

"Father Guillaume! What has happened to you?!" It took a moment for Guy to understand what the shocked acolyte meant. He regards himself realising he has not even had a change since he has arrived. His robes were crimson red with blood stains.

"Pardon me brother. I will change as soon as I able to." He quickly returns to studying the scrolls under Demon hoping to find some useful information that will defeat the creature.

It was no doubt the most powerful creature Guy has met (besides Kythan). Guy shrugs at the recollection of the lost enforcer wondering what he has been up to all this time. Guy wonders if he is able to reach him and tell him what has happened.

The acolyte runs back into the church and comes back with Father Zanthus.

The old priest shakes his head in incredulity. "So what are these catacombs? Are they below us here? Where was the entrance? I bet they lie below that old lighthouse ((there is a large ruined structure in Sandpoint called the Old Light that some people believe dates from the time of the Runelords))."

He shakes his head in worry. "What terrible times. What dark times" he mumbles mostly to himself. Then he snaps himself out of it, as if recollecting your requests.

"Of course, I shall study it. I shall study it, but it is not a thing I know much of. I shall go look in our library, and send my acolytes out to the other sources of knowledge on ancient times within Sandpoint. But, well, I don't hold out too much hope. We are a small town. Really what we need is a trip to Magnimar ... but that is not for now."


The Return To Daylight

It is difficult to disguise your mood, a mix of relief, exhaustion, and disgust. It has been a difficult day. A day of slaughter, and horrors. The sights of the Glassworks, the men, tortured and disfigured by the goblins, are still fresh in your minds. The melted statue that Kaijitsu Senior had become, the blooded, hollow eyes filled with opaque glass. As you rise out of the Catacombs, you can see that the Glassworks are crawling with activity. Town guards stand vigilant at every entrance. The windows are in the process of being boarded over. People, their faces down-cast, move amongst the carnage, removing corpses, chisel blow by chisel blow.

At your appearance there is a burst of activity. Relief is evident, tinged with excitement. A few younger guards crowd around you, leaving their horrific work.

"What did you find?"
"Is it true that there is a link to the hells below?"
"Nah, it is goblins, right? An entire army of them! I heard they are getting ready to attack the town. What have we done to deserve this?"

They pull back, seeing the exhaustion in your eyes, your quickly bound wounds, but also seeing the bundled corpse and hideous head that you carry (Lloyd suggested that you bring it as evidence for the mayor).

"By Avandra, that ain't no goblin, for sure!" one utters.

Who would want to be Mayor?

* * *

After a quick respite you are usered back into the Mayor's place. Kendra Deverin paces her office. She has heard your story, has nodded her head in silence at each gory point you raised.

"Hemlock will be back in a few days. Lets wait for him. It is pretty obvious that the goblins plan to attack us here en-masse. The journal you recovered from Tsuto makes that pretty clear. I only wished he was still here so that we could confirm such things. But someone broke him out of prison just a couple of hours ago.

"It would seem that we have two ways of dealing with things. We can either sit tight, get our defences up, and try to repel them when they come. Or, we can try and find some brave, and perhaps slightly insane, people who can take the fight to them. Either way, we need Hemlock and his troops in town."

She opens a large bottle of local whisky, a grain variety, potent and aromatic. She pours six stiff glasses of the stuff and passes them round, taking one herself. It is strange to see her drawing deep on the spirit, but when you follow suit the warmth it sends through your joints is welcome, and the slight numbing of your brain is even more welcome.

She coughs as the spirit sears her throat.

"Word is out. It is everywhere already. The men, the guards, they are good, but they are family men, and they have never had to witness such a procession of horrors ... well, not since the Late Unpleasantness...

You will find that people are bound to ask you a thousand questions. Try and not stir things up. We need you guys more now than ever. Heck, if it weren't for you five we would probably be days from attack and not even know it. I am incredibly grateful for what you have done. I just need you to keep doing it. Stay visible. Stay strong. We could be attacked at any time.

Now go, tend to your wounds. Ha! I hope you can have a day off. Who knows? Who knows? I will see you the morning after next. Hemlock is due back then, and I think it would be best if you were there to update him in person!


Lloyd: Erylium, Round 04

Lloyd sees the dargonborn successfully strike the sinspawn. The half-elf fighter follows his lead and attacks the sinspawn once more.

Using a complicated maneuver, he misses.

Berating himself, he takes on another stance and makes a straight forward attack. This time, the sword quickly swings and takes the sinspawn's aberrant life with its passing.


Arao: Erylium, Rd.4

The sinspawn hissed desperately as its mistress left the scene. Clawing randomly, it's attacks were easily blocked by my shield. I shifted sideways to be beside the fallen warlord.

"Soothe the weary heart. Pelor's touch!" I channeled my deity's healing powers unto Lloyd, closing some of his wounds, and restoring his vigor. Next I resolutely faced the vile monster, grimly determined to end this nightmare.

"Hearts aflame! Holy Strike!" I struck true and the creature howled in pain from the radiant damage. Its defenses open, I quickly attacked it with another blow.

"Redux!" My glowing axe slashed another wound so deep that it almost cut the sinspawn's body in half. It was still barely alive; I paused to catch my breath.

"Warlord!" I uttered. "Deliver the final blow, and let's get out of this dark place!"


Arao: Erylium; Rd.3

(immobilized, bloodied)
minor: Divine challenge H2 sinspawn
std: Radiant smite H2 sinspawn



Sinspawn: Erylium, Round 03

The sinspawn looms over the prove figures of the party by the pit and takes a bite at the drgonborn paladin. But, once again, it misses Arao even as the paladin swings from the edge of the chasm.


Erylium: Erylium, Round 02

Erylium gets angry at both attacks and sends a wave of psychic energy towards the party. Most of the party members are filled with horror of the evil images the quasit is sending them. Each one if physically carried off by the force of Erylium's will and takes psychic damage. Both Jarek and Guy are blown off the platform and both fall down on the prison floor.

Of the party members, only Gryffin just feels the wake of the spell and is unaffected.

From the platform erylium shouts: "Now you will see why I am mistress of this domain!"

A crack forms in the middle of the prison floor where the group fell. It grows larger and forms into a deep chasm. Arao and Guy manages to hold unto the side of the chasm. While both Lloyd and Jarek falls down.


Guillaume: Erylium, Round 02

Guillaume's hope is renewed at Jarek's successful attack. The eladrin cleric climbs up the platform to where he can better see the daemon. From there he summons divine flame and commands them towards the quasit. For a second, the quasit is enveloped in bright flame. Tears start to fall from his eyes from too much happiness.

But this is quickly ended as the flames clear up and the cleric sees the quasit rasing a hand towards him and a clear a semi transparent shield of force before it. It seems unaffected by the spell.


Jarek: Erylium, Round 02

The humming continued like wailing crickets under my cloak. I wanted to tell my companions about this strange noise but I noticed that they were all preoccupied with Erylium. What was she talking about?

Before I could figure out anything, the demon shouted arrogantly. "Invading my domain will be the last mistake you will ever make! I do not need Nualia to take care of you. Witness the power that Tharizdun has provided me!"

Who the hell is Tharizdun?

An orb of darkness formed around the she-devil's hand. Before I would do anything, Erylium hurled it over to our direction.

The dark globe scattered and a wave of black emptiness covered the room. I heard the warriors shout in pain as the inkly tendrils engulfed them. I tried to duck from the darkness but it moved like a hungry living serpent.

Gryffin shouted in pain as the darkness enveloped him. With the wizard down, his magical light quickly faltered.

The paladin cursed as the hungry tendrils held him paralyzed. I saw the desperation in his face as darkness covered the entire room. "We need light!" he shouted.

I felt Erylium's deadly shadow cover me. The darkness felt like a legion of hungry wasps, trying to leech out the energy out of me. It was probably the same sensation the others were feeling.

A familiar sense of dread came over me. The feeling of being helpless and paralyzed.

Then I heard the mumbling voices again, as if it was reacting to the gloomy darkness surrounding me.

"Mennah derahh mennah derahh..."

Slowly I felt myself calming down. The dreadful feeling subsiding. I still heard the others cursing and shouting in agony. Somehow the voices had protected me from the brunt of Erylium's demonic powers.

I drew out a couple of arrows, listening attentively to the she-devil's movement. The sound of Erylium's wings were faint. This meant she was flying further away.

Just as I readied my bow, I heard Gryffin's shaky voice envoke another incantation. The eladrin wizard's resolve was strong, he summoned forth another magical light, waving his staff like a blazing torch.

Erylium shrieked, shielding her eyes from the sudden brilliance.

I quickly fired an arrow over her direction. The missile struck true, striking her wings.

The she-devil screamed in pain


Gryffin: Erylium, Round 02


Lloyd: Erylium, Round 02

A numbling darkness suddenly sweeps into the prison chamblers. Lloyd feels it like a tidal wave hitting upon him and leaving his body drained of his life energy as it passes him.

Still a but dazed though, and unable to see in the darkness, Lloyd holds his position and braces himself for any attack from the quasitt and her sinsawn minion.


Arao: Erylium; Rd.2

STD: 2nd wind (1 heal surge, +2 def)
END: Save vs. Daze


SHOUT: someone turn on the lights!!!


Sinspawn: Erylium, Round 02

Even with the advantage provided by that of Erylium's spells and the darkness of the room, the sinspawn's fails to get thru the defenses of the dragonborn. It's needle sharp teeth seems to be unable to penetrate the plates of the new armor of the paladin.


Erylium: Erylium (that's me), Round 01

The quasit laughed as the party's attacks proved to be impotent.

"Invading my domain will be the last mistake you will ever make!" Erylium shouted. "I do not need Nualia to take care of you. Witness the power that Tharizdun has provided me!"

The quasit began to chant harsh words and a small ball of darkness appeared in its hands. Strong life draining enrgies began to concentrate upon the small sphere. She continued chanting and with each word the ball grew in size until it finally enveloped the whole room.

Most of the part got enveloped in the sphere and they one by one screamed as the ball drained their life forces and afterwards leaving them dazed. Erylium laughed as they did so.

Only the eladrin cleric seemed to be unaffected by it all.

The quasit gave a small smirk and with a flick of her small fingers the light in the room vanished.


Jarek: Erylium, Round 01

The demon snarled as I stepped back into the light. I felt a looming sense of dread and tripidation as the creature called upon another sinspawn.

"It is a quasit, a minor daemon!" Guy shouted from across the room.

"A what?" I answered back.

"Its claws are poisonous. it is able produce energy bolts which can immobilize its enemies. it can also animate the dead. it can also instill fear."

"Thanks for the lecture, teacher!" I muttered as I took a couple of steps back.

As I drew out two more arrows, I felt a slight breeze surround me. The soft tinkling of bells and windchimes accompanied a soft glowing light that floating towards me.


"I'm sending my light over to you," the wizard replied. "To help you shoot the demon."

Aided by the glowing azure orb, I looked at the face of my enemy. Erylium's face was soot black and wrinkled with rage. Her red beady eyes glowed with the flames of hell. "You're pathetic magic and bow cannot save you," she spat out.

I pointed my bow towards the hellspawn, making sure that my arrows would hit her head. But as I was about to shoot her down, I felt a strange humming sound coming from under my cloak.

"Mennah derahh mennah derahh," the voice gave a soft wail.

I felt something bite my skin, distracting me from my quarry.

The arrows missed the quasit by a mile. Erylium continued to hover in front of me, smiling maliciously at my misfortune.

"You have something that belonged to me," she purred. "No matter. I'll take it from your dead body soon enough."


Guillaume: Erylium, Round 01

"Assist the ranger upstairs" Arao patiently instructed as Lloyd makes his approach from behind the Sinspawn. I carefully moved out of reach observing that this one seemed weaker compared to the ones from earlier. Nevertheless it attacked with equal ferocity.

"I am on it."

I hurried towards the stairs and saw the target. Jarek was right beside it who was not quite amused with Gryff's gift which not only illumunited the entire chamber but his whole person to be more precise.

"I sense insanity in this one" I spoke to no one in particular referring to the curious quasit. the demon creature.

I held on to the symbol that I just picked up from the pile earlier with what seemed to have been passed on to me by the dead priest. i thanked Corellon for delivering this gift to me. I grew bolder just watching the pendant. It was made from blue sapphire embedded with a sculptured star symbol of corellon at the center that's made of aquamarine. it caught light from every direction perfectly. i wish i had more time to study it but for now battle awaits.

"Que la lumière de sa sagesse nous illumine." I held up the pendant as if in offering and holy light exploded from it and towards the quasit.


Gryffin: Erylium, Round 01


Lloyd: Erylium, Round 01


Arao: Erylium; Rd.1

The voice of the daemon in the darkness sent chills up my spine. It was notably mad, but it had pinnings of true power. It would be a formidable adversary.

But first there was this sinspawn that suddenly materialized in front of us. Taken aback, it's claws hurt me before I could mount a defense. Wounded, I roared a fierce battle cry that branded it with Pelor's mark, and moved forward to engage it.

"Wither the opposing darkness... Enfeebling Strike!" I slashed my axe at it, but a sudden lethargy made me swing it wide harmlessly. Darn it. No matter how many times I fight these things, I still can't get used to their vile stench.

"Warlord! Let's take this foul monster down first," I cried out to Lloyd. "Wizard, Cleric, please aid our ranger upstairs!"

I steeled my focus on the sinspawn and felt the shot of adrenaline made the weakness go away.


Sinspawn: Erylium, Round 01

the sinspawn seems to sense the presence of opposing energy and greedily rushes to attack its source. it claws at arao tearing thru the dragonborn's newly found armor.


DM: Erylium

As the party prepares to leave the prison, a portal opens up a few feet on the wooden platform above. From within, a huge room lies beyond looks like nothing more than an immense underground cathedral. From the looks of the stonework and design, it seems to still be part of the catacombs yet from a place the party has yet to explore. The walls are carved with strange, spiky runes. In the center of the room is a large pool, a ring of polished human skulls balanced on stone spikes arranged in a circle around the deeper midsection. At the far end of the room, a pair of stone stairways leads up to a pulpit on which sits a second pool. This one is triangular and filled with churning, bubbling water that looks almost like translucent lava.

At the back of the room, perched on the pulpit edge, you can see a smallish winged humanoid, with a greeny-black flesh tone, long white hair, and adorned with many bangles, and a fine red stone head-dress. She seems to be staring at you all from her perch 50 feet away.

The small winged creature flies into an incandescent rage. She takes to the air easily, fluttering above the blood red pool on the raised dais, spitting vitriol at you.

"How dare you intrude upon the Mother's sanctum? How dare you intrude upon MY realm? Where is Nualia? Where is my general? She made and gave her power and she’s supposed to be protecting me!”

Her face contorts in a scowl as she brandishes a small dagger and slashes hard at her wrist, drawing a thick rivulet of blood that spills from her arm into the well.
The waters of the boiling red pool glow brighter, briefly, and more agitated, and slowly, from the depth of the tiny pool a hideously long arm appears. It claws the ground, its two long fingers making it all too recognizable as another Sinspawn. The creature pulls itself from the pool, fresh with red liquid, as if it has just been birthed.

The flying creature laughs delightedly at her power, but then the pool fades, as if drained of some of its power. The waters quiet down. The red glow becomes less noticeable. The just birthed sinspawn itself seem to be likewise drained of power. Her face contorts in concern, and then further rage. She turns to face you all, spitting one last curse in your direction.

"I will feed it your deaths! That will replenish it!"

With that she order’s the sinspawn to attack. It gives out a roar and jumps out of the portal and unto the prison floor.

Battle is once again upon you.


Guillaume: Ancient Prison, End Combat

he waits for everyone to leave the prison on the way up above ground. he takes one last look at what might have been his grave. he thanked corellon and then the dragonborn for saving his life. guy notices a shiny object in the pile of skeletons. it was a pendant that bore the sacred symbol of corellon. it was held by a long since dead skeleton of an eladrin. from the looks of it, he died defending himself. i knelt down and prayed to whoever this poor soul might be


Jarek: Ancient Prison, End Combat

Gyrffin's enchanted light turned from a silvery hue into a bright color of the afternoon sun. The eladrin complied to Arao's request, believing that the light of a sun (no matter if it was real or not) would strengthen the paladin's healing prayers. With all the group's misfortunes in the last couple of days, appeasing the sun god might help tip the balance.

"Pelor, validus deus of lux lucis , vigoratus vestri liberi vulnus quod servo lemma ex phasmatis of nex!" The dragonborn humbly implored as he knelt beside the wounded half-elf and the dying priest.

Unlike Corellon's miracles, which was tranquil and otherworldly, the sun god's blessing was intense and penetrating. The air around Arao smelled dry and burnt from the light of the sun. Lloyd and Guy were covered in a burning aura of light, their wounds closing and drying up from the heat.

"Look what I found!" Gyrffin shouted. He waved at me, pointing over pieces of junk scattered all over the chamber. "These things must be centuries old!"

Trust the eladrin to get excited over useless relics. I scanned the room and noticed the items littered around us. "See if you can find something useful," I replied.

Gryffin nodded and began to scavage the area.

I walked over to the carcass of the sinspawns and the skeletons, hoping to find some clues as to their orgins. The stench of death and decay was overpowering. I drew out my sword and started poking at the broken bones and charred flesh, trying to find some hint of where these creatures came from.

After pushing away the bodies of two sinspawns, I was about to give up. There was nothing useful for me. I heard Arao praising Pelor, thanking the sun god for healing our two comrades. Gryffin was still in the other side of the room, sorting through the pile of junk he acquired.

I was about to return to my friends when I noticed something under the pile of bones. Something moving.

Using my sword, I brushed away the broken splinters. It was the broken body of a skeleton warrior. The creature's skull was missing, as well as its legs and right arm. A piece of black cloth covered most of the rib cage. The cloth began to move and stir like it was alive.

I pulled out the skeleton and carefully examined the piece of cloth.

It was an ugly piece of garmet, stitched and patched in various places. The cloth looked charred gray and had a faint decaying stench on it.

Slowly I touched the cloth. This was unlike any garment I have seen before. It felt leathery and rough, as if it was made from the skin of some living creature.

As soon as my hands made contact with the strange textile, the cloth broke away from the skeleton. I held out the garment in front of me, examining it more closely.

It was not a piece of cloth, but an ugly piece of leather suit. The suit appeared to be peices of flesh stitched together without any style or artistry on it.


Lloyd: Ancient Prison, End Combat

Lloyd was tending to Guy's wounds when another explosion happened at the top of the platform sending anotehr barrage of bone shrapnels flying down the stairs. Most where little shards but were very sharp. They showered both the bodies of the half-elf and the fallen eladrin cleric beside him. A pretty large boneshard, the size of his arm struck deep unto his leg.

"Darn it, Arao! You trying to kill us?" Lloyd shouted as he cleared out most of the bone pieces from his body. He looked down at the cleric beside him and noticed that numerous wounds have once again appeared.

"Guy's bleeding again! I need to take him away and behind some cover before I can apply more first aid!" The half-elf warrior called out as he started putting back the bandages and prepared to carry off his fallen comrade.

Then the explosion happened and all turned dark.

* * *

Lloyd woke up with Guy looking down at him.

"What happened? Ouch!" The half-elf coughed out as he struggled to egt into a sitting position. His leg was now bandaged. It was still a bit stiff but he thinks he could walk with it.

"Wasn't I supposed to be the one applying the first aid?" Guy laughed.

"Hold still." The eladrin ordered. "We still have a few wounds to take care of."

The fighter nodded and allowed the cleric to continue on to continue on with his duties.

A few minutes later, Gryffin walked up to Lloyd.

"How are you doing?" The young eladrin wizard asked his friend.

"Been better." The guardsman answered as Guy declared that he was done with trating the wounds.

"What happened?" Lloyd asked.

Gryffin paused and looked around before answering.

"Jarek was able to shot off the remaining skeleton. It exploded as I warned everyone it would it. I guess he didn't hear me say it."

"I heard you." The half-elf mutedly answered. "And I was down stairs."

Lloyd looked around and saw his friend talking with the cleric and the paladin as to what they were to do next.

"Something's happened to him, Gryffin. I don't know what; but I feel we better watch over our friend a bit more closely or we're gonna lose him."


Arao: Ancient Prison; Epilogue

The party tended to its wounds as best and as fast as we could. We were able to resuscitate both the cleric Guy and the warlord Lloyd. Their wounds from the boneshards were deep and severe but they would pull through with the proper amount of rest.

Speaking of rest, the site was totally unsafe for that task. The shadows seemed to creep closer and closer into the illumination given off by Gryffin's Light spell on the ranseur. Nerve-wracking sounds could be heard from the passageways beyond. The palpable aura of evil hung heavily in the air, threatening to crush our good spirits.

Thinking back at the last scene of the battle, I mentally kicked myself for not advising the others to stop attacking the boneshard skeleton before Lloyd had a chance to get Guy and himself some decent cover. That should not happen again, I thought. I silently mouthed a prayer to Pelor to provide me with enough foresight for our next battle.

Taking stock of the situation, I studied the conditions of my comrades. Jarek our ranger sat in a corner alone still mumbling to himself. He seemed pretty spooked by the darkness, and the monstrosities that lie await for us here. The wizard was visibly fatigued from casting all his magical spells. The cleric, warlord and I were in pretty bad shape also, having bandages all over our body.

I felt we were now ill-prepared to face another crucial encounter such as this. Valor is good, but risking our lives like this would be reckless hubris. I cleared my throat to address the party.

"My companions, the last battle drained and tested our capabilities severely. I would suggest, and place for a vote, to return to the surface for some proper rest, and maybe ask the elders about this horrid place, and how to fight these vile monsters."

While waiting for their consent or dissent on my suggestion, I sat beside the pile of bones the sinspawns were squabbling about earlier. A sparkle caught my eye, the telltale glint of metal reflected from the magical light. Rummaging further down the pile, I came across the last piece of equipment, which was serving as the low table for all the other junk and trinkets above. I dusted off the grime and dirt, and the equipment began to take shape. Lo and behold, it was a solid dark gray plate armor of steel, the quality of which was profoundly excellent because of the absence of rust. It was also large and albeit with some difficulty, would be a good fit for my bulky frame. I found the greaves and the leggings inside, so it was a complete set! I closed my eyes and gave a short and earnest prayer of gratitude to Pelor for his grace. For the first time today, a genuine smile of gladness formed on my lips.


Guillaume: Erylium

at the sight of the quasit. guy mechanically relays the knowledge hes learned of such creatures from seminary like reciting a lesson from memory in front of class. "it is a quasit. a minor daemon. its claws are poisonous. it is able produce energy bolts which can immobilize its enemies. it can also animate the dead. it can also instill fear."


Guillaume: Erylium

at the sight of the quasit. guy mechanically relays the knowledge hes learned of such creatures from seminary like reciting a lesson from memory in front of class. "it is a quasit. a minor daemon. its claws are poisonous. it is able produce energy bolts which can immobilize its enemies. it can also animate the dead. it can also instill fear."


Gryffin: Ancient Prison, End Combat

"Something's happened to him, Gryffin. I don't know what; but I feel we better watch over our friend a bit more closely or we're gonna lose him."

"hmm...did we ever have him?" Gryffin muttered the stray thought mostly to himself as his mind was distracted with pondering the situation.

The fact that he was now in a structure from the ancient days of the so called runelords was just too fantastic for his mind to quickly accept. Much less to entertain the idea that his childhood friend may be some how "losing it."

"I still can't believe what we've seen - what we've just survived..." Gryffin's eyes strayed absently to Jarek,

As a a student of the Arcane, Gryffin is steeped in all manner of lore and legend. but's that's how he thought of these things - runelords and aberrations - myths and legends not flesh,teeth and bones.

"I mean - I can't wait to show this to this to Quint." Gryffin shook the Ranseur now in his hand. He seemed to have forgotten his fear of it's touch.

"I think this might have belonged to Alaznist! -Alaznist!" He excalimed. Then his brows furrowed -"Well, it's probably just a copy..but still..what do you think this place is? Temple or shrine to legendary evil wizard...er..wizardess...hmm..doesn't sound as nice. Then again that would make her a Rune-lady...if we're gonna be nitpicky. or Rune-dame...which seems to be more...um...respectable?"

Gryffin's head swung around and his eyes began to dart everywhere and then to the piles of bones.

There were a lot of bones -- piles and piles of them. No doubt, victims of the creatures they had just barely survived an encounter with.

"Well, it doesn't look like there are any victims more recent than a few decades...nor any sign of maintenance...so I don't think we're dealing with a cult - and my gods! - this is Sandpoint! What would the big bad or her cult want here? All we have is Sand...hence the name." The last trailed off to almost a whisper as something on the ground caught his eye.

Gryffin stooped to pick something up.

"Whoa..." Gryffin said as he held his staff between neck and jaw and kept the ranseur in the crook of his elbow. In his hand he held what seemed to be a bunch of grimy sticks. His other hand stuffed the rod he'd gotten from the Goblin Hexer into his belt alongside it's twin and then grabbed the edge of his cloak to dust the sticks.

"Look! Wands!" He held the items up to Loyd the best he could while still holding up the staff and spear. His brows furrowed as he examined and tried to remove the grime from the items.

"Oh, they're all broken." Gryffin let out a sigh and then seeming to realize something. After dropping the wands back to the ground, he gestures through the air and the ghostly mage-hand appears - taking the polearm from the crook of his elbow.

Lloyd looked at him quizzically.

"Heh...forgot I could do that." He said with a sheepish grin.

"You could have cleaned them with a cantrip too, you know?" Loyd chimed in.

"Oh, you're right!" Gryffin answered with a little nervous laughter and shrug of the shoulders from embarrassment.

"What were we talking about again?" Gryffin said to Loyd absently as he continued to look around the room.

"What are we going to do about..." Loyd began but got cut off.

"Oh my, I just realized -- this is some sort of prison!" Gryffin said in a

"We should head back to town..." Gryffin said in a serious tone.

"I don't think we should be here in the shape we're in..." He went on almost at a whisper.

"Wait, what's that?!" Gryffin said, still in a hushed tone as he took few steps and picked something off the ground. Gryffin stood up now holding two staves.

"I think we better go..I'll figure this out later. It'll be easier to think things through with Quint. We're having smoked deer for supper. You all are welcome to our home." Gryffin said.

"Vol...always has some ale - he is a dwarf yu know." Gryffin said looking at Arao and remembering that the dragonkin seemed to have a taste for it.

"Things will be better after a hot meal and a drink around a warm fire." He said absently as he started to make his way out of the prison.


Guillaume: Ancient Prison, End Combat

what is this place?

i looked within for strength. where am i? shouldnt i be greeted by celestial guides to paradis by now? unless i was all mistaken and death is .. just this. a cold and dark place where nothing happens. neither ecstatic nor malevolent but just strange. i don't sense any presence as i would have hoped and learned from studies of those who have gone thru death and back. i am even surprised to find myself not feeling anything at all. not even fear.

i tried to focus on my holy symbol and try to find a connection with the lord of all fées. i found it in my dark still laying on my chest thru a chain around my neck. i held on to it tightly. still nothing.

how long have i been here? i tried to remember my life as it was. i had a very comfortable and relatively easy life. i started to review my life. i thought about my friends and family i left behind. things could have been worse. i suppose. i wish i had been more ..

coughing. i heard someone clearing their throat .

i turned around and see a familiar face. it was father zanthus!! thank corellon!! but it wasn't him. it was someone that looked like him but older. he was sitted right in front of me. his face sagged a bit more and there were fewer strands of hair that crown his head. he was wearing that familiar garb i always find him in back at sandpoint. his eyes smiled back at me and seemed to contain the infinite wisdom of the ages.

he doesnt speak to me but instead continues to eye me with understanding. i was dumbfounded. unable to utter a word. he was familiar but alien nevertheless. i knew i was in the presence of vast greatness. he starts to reach out to me with his hand. he touches me on the shoulder but they weren't at all human. instead he had claws like those of the dragonborn.

i wake up to find arao's hand on me.

"welcome back priest of corellon"


DM: Ancient Prison, End Combat

As Arao tends to the wounds of both the eladrin cleric and the half-elf warlord, the rest of the part converge into the prison room. The wooden platform does support the rest of the party's weight, but it creaks and groans like an old ship.

Gryffin rummages around the two dozen or so cells, but finds nothing except for the ranseur. (which miraculously seems to be undamaged by the sinspawn's throw). It is clear that this place has long been picked over by the Sinspawn and whatever other abominations they share this catacomb with.

Some of the bones have been piled in one corner, and this is where the Sinspawn had first been squabbling. The items, loose skulls, femurs, and the broken fragments of indecipherable bits and bobs, have been split into two bundles. Between them lies a handful of items of value. It appears to have been these items that the two were squabbling over. There is, unfortunately, little else of interest. It has been centuries since these poor men were left to rot, and the passing years have stripped their corpses of anything that they may have had (although, being prisoners, one would expect that their items would have been stripped from them long before they reached the cells!).

Regrouping, the party can either move along the passage to the east, leading from the wooden walkway, or they can retreat to the unexplored passage to the south of the statue room.


Jarek: Ancient Prison, Round 08

As the darkness covered the entire room, a sense of despair and frustration loomed over me. I felt myself running out of breath, my heart palpitating. I took a couple of steps back, trying to calm myself but it only made things worse.

I felt my head grow dizzy and my arms heavy. The bow in my hands suddenly felt like a ton of bricks.

"No!" I tried shouting, but only managed to whimper.

Memories of the past suddenly flooded to my mind -- The darkness taking away my parents. I felt panic in my heart swelling. Creatures of darkness broke into our house, on the stillness of twilight. Monsters so diabolical took away my sister.

And I was alone and helpless. Powerless to do anything.

Before I could do anything else, I heard a familiar voice chanting behind me.

It was Gryffin. The young wizard's voice seemed calm and grounded. He called forth an incantation in elvish, summoning a powerful spell to help defeat these creatures of darkness.

Suddenly, the main chamber was flooded with bright lights. I shut my eyes from the brilliance of the wizard's magic. Unlike Guy's holy radiance, Gryffin's magic was pure power and energy.

The light startled the skeletal warrior, thinking that it finally destroyed the eladrin's priestly magic. Now it had to confront the magic of another eladrin.

"Fiend!" I shouted, cursing at the creature. I drew out another arrow and placed it on my bow.

The skeletal monster growled as its rib cage shattered, sending hundreds of bone splinters across the room. Arao growled as several large bones punctured through his plate armor. I could hear painful groans from where Guy fell.

"No!" I muttered, firing the two arrows on the monster.

One of the arrows hit the skeleton's skull, crushing its jaw and left eye socket.

I heard Lloyd's voice from the other side of the room, "Guy's injured. He's dying!"

No one dies here. I muttered to myself. No one.

I drew out another set of arrows and quickly fired them on the skeleton.

The monster didn't have time to recover. It's body collapsed from the impact of my missiles, causing another explosion of bones across the room.


Arao: Ancient Prison, Rd.8

The wizard's light illuminated the area and the remaining hostile skeleton was visible to me once more.

"Thank you, wizard!" I exclaimed as I immediately branded the monster with Pelor's divine challenge.

"We will prevail, undead monstrosity!" I hefted my axe and Pelor's divine power flowed through me. Too late I heard the wizard's grave warning. "Wait, Arao, stop...!"

"Hearts aflame... Holy Strike!"

My axe cleaved through the bone. There was a sudden red flash. I was barely able to cover myself with my shield, before the boneshards exploded in all directions.

"Arrgh!" I turned and was horrified to see our warlord studded with sharp pieces of bone from the blast. What was worse was our cleric started bleeding again, all the first aid Lloyd provided earlier wasted.

Instinctively, I shifted onto the top of the stairs, blocking the way.

"I'm truly sorry, warlord!" I apologized profusely. "I didn't know these monsters also explode halfway through! Please drag our priest and yourself beneath the platform so you will have cover!"


Lloyd: Ancient Prison, Round 08

Lloyd finally makes his way to where the eledrin cleric is lying down. He find his covered with bone shrapnels. He carefully removes the these and covers them up with bandages he got from his pack.

"He's alive!" The half-elf fighter shouts out to his companions.

"He's still bleeding pretty bad!"


Gryffin: Ancient Prison, Round 07

At the request of Arao, the eladrin wizard casts a light spell into the prison room. This effectively, negates the spell cast upon his staff.

Gryffin follows this up with another spell. He conjures a silvery missile but fails to find its intended target.


Boneshard Skeleton: Ancient Prison, Round 07

Even with the lack of light in the prison, the boneshard skeleton sees the dragonborn inch his way towards his fallen comrade. The skeleton makes a swipe at the dragonborn but the latter is expecting it and easily blocks the attack.


Jarek: Ancient Prison, Round 07

I watched in shock as the skeletons overpower our two holy warriors. I underestimated the powers of these creatures, thinking that the priest and the paladin were capable of handling them. Unfortunately, the skeletons seemed to be feeding off the wretchedness of this crypt.

"Guy!" I shouted as one of the looming skeletal figure charged towards him. The eladrin priest was preoccupied with his prayers to notice, or to even dodge. "Son of a dryad!"

Stupid fanatic! I silently cursed. He could have moved away but stayed firm on the spot. It was one thing to put your trust on your god, and another thing to dodge an incoming attack.

The skeletal monster struck Guy with such a force, throwing the eladrin to the ground. Sharp splinters protruding from the skeleton's fist punctured the priest's delicate skin.

Guy screamed in pain, ending his holy communion with Corellon. The spectral lights and angelic voices vanished.

"No!" Arao howled in fury, trying to rescue the priest. But the skeletal warrior stood in between them.

The priest fell back several steps and collapsed on the ground. He released the sunrod in his hands and it fell further into the chamber, plunging the room into darkness.

"Damn it!" I muttered while aiming my arrows at the skeleton. The darkness was not helping me.


Arao: Ancient Prison, Round 07

Lost in the darkness and facing the remaining boneshard skeleton alone in melee, Arao gingerly shift to the spot where the last skeleton collapsed and checks on his wounds.


Guillaume: Ancient Prison, Round 06

dark everywhere. my last memory was of the undead exploding suddenly at the exact moment of its demise. and then suddenly i am here. and i have no idea where here is. i wrapped my arms around me to get warmer.



i went to sit down and patiently waited.


Lloyd: Ancient Prison, Round 06

Having regained some of his strength, Lloyd was about to move towards the prison chambers where suddenly the lights from with it went out.

"Guy's down!" Arao's voice came in clear though.

The half-elf hurriedly made his way towards the room. His elven eyes allowing him to see clearly against the dimness.

"Where is he?" Lloyd shouted as he neared the room.

"I last saw him by the left stairs!" Arao shouted as the dragonborn continued to defended himself from the attacks of the lone boneshard skeleton by the left hand stairs.

A quick glance showed that another flight of stairs went down on the right side of the room. Lloyd took that unguarded path and made his way down into the prison area.

Another quick survey reveals to the warlord a large chamber that has nearly two dozen cells that line the room's perimeter. The chamber itself is recessed below the level of the other rooms you have been in, and that the wooden platform connects to a corridor in the east wall.

Lloyd finds several skeletons spread amongst the cells, but none of these seem to be animated. Confident that there are no other undead creatures lurking at the prison floor, the half-elf hurriedly makes his way towards his fallen comrade.


Gryffin: Ancient Prison, Round 06

Gryffin manages to casts another magic missile spell. The silver bolt streaks past but fails to hit the remaining boneshard skeleton.


Boneshard Skeletons: Ancient Prison, Round 06

Even with the appearance of the dragonborn at their side, the undead skeletons were relentless in pursuing their original prey. One of the skeletons, the badly damaged one, ignored the paladin and moved towards the eladrin cleric by the platform's stairs.

The dragonborn took advantage of this and easily swung his axe at his enemy's retreating figure. The force of the blow triggered an explosion of necrotic energies which sent the skeletal remains flying off to every direction of the prison room. A great chunk of these found their mark on the eladrin cleric which collapsed on the wooden platform stairs.

Together with the fall of the cleric, the prison rom is once again plunged into darkness as the sunrod carried by guy is smothered by his fall.

The remaining skeleton seemed undettered by the destruction of its companions, yet the force of the explosion was enough to hinder it from striking a solid blow upon the paladin dragonborn.


Jarek: Ancient Prison, Round 06

I stood in awe, watching the priest and the paladin battle agains the unholy forces of the crypt. Both Guy and Arao were men of faith, strong to their devotion, and dedicated to promoting the ideals of their gods. The air inside the chamber was filled with divine fervor and heavenly radiance, weighing down the remaining creatures of darkness like thick iron chains.

The remaining skeletons tried to flee, but the eladrin priest was relentless in his crusade. Summoning the power of Corellon, Guy summoned the glorious might of the ghostly seraphims, filling the chamber with ethereal lights and divine melodies. The creatures struggled against the priest's hymns, fighting away the apparitions with its own infernal will.

"Be careful!" Gryffin's voice echoed through the chamber. The wizard was close by, watching the on-going battle. Knowing Gryffin, he was probably figuring out what incantation he could use to defeat these creatures of evil. "They explode into a thousand pieces when you kill them."

"They're already dead," I replied.

The wizard rolled his eyes. "You know what I mean."

"Okay," I muttered while pointing two arrows to one of the skeletons. "I'll try to give Guy some cover."

I fired the two arrows over to the nearest creature. One of the missile struck the skeleton's chest, shattering several ribs. The other missle zoomed pass the monster's wide shoulders.

"You missed the skeleon!" Gryffin shouted. "At this close distance?"

The other arrow struck the back of Arao. The dragonborn was busy fighting the other skeleton to notice or duck from my missle.

"Damn it woodsman!" The paladin barked at me. "Are you trying to kill

Good thing Arao's armor covered his neck as well. The arrow would have struck the paladin's nape. Instead it hung like a broken flagpole over the warrior's head.