Kythan: Excavation

"Get her!" Kythan shouted to his companions as soon as they enter the cavern. The cavern itself appears to have been recently enlarged at the east end, where a massive, curving stone carving protrudes from the floor, wall, and ceiling. It is covered in runes that appear strangely familiar, and it appears that some of them have been chipped away.

A table nearby holds several stone working tools and a thin book.

It's not these however that captures the attention of the swordmage and his companions. As soon as they step thru the chamber, a pair of dretch guardians gibber and howl to alert the other occupant of the room - a female eladrin with purple skin and silver white hair - who takes cover behind her table. The two dretches attack and while the dark skinned eladrin fire her hand crossbow at them.

The fight turns bad for the dretches as Kythan quickly slashes thru them with his burning blade.

The female eladrin creates darkness and uses the cover provided to flee. The magical slippers she’s wearing allowing her to move along the wall and reach the shaft leading up. She continues to fire crossbow bolts at Kythan as she retreats up the shaft. She manages to catch the swordmage's shoulder with a minor wound.

Kythan annoyingly pulls out the small crossbow bolt and runs after her. He however struggles after a few steps and falls on the floor.

His companion is beside him in a few seconds and is checking the swordmage's wound.

"Poison." The companion whispers and busies himself with his bag.

"No!" Kythan gasps. "Go after her. We cannot let her escape."

The swordmage's vision then turns blurry and the world vanishes before his eyes.


Guillaume: The Blot

i proudly surveyed the growing congregation. it has not been that long since the goblin invasion. now, more humans have accepted the one true faith. there were a handful of elves, a couple of dwarves and i dont think i have ever seen any halflings inside the temple premises save the one who appears to have gotten "lost" but was lead to the right exit just in time. to make certain that all of the lesser races are accepted and welcomed to the church of corellon, i took a couple of humans as sacristans to the services, garbed in elaborate robes carrying the sweet smelling incenses that i just ordered. the humans seemed more impressed by the pageantry but if it yields faith. i think it could never go wrong.

a week has passed since the strange shadow in the sky has appeared. many of the women who attended the church has come to me for advice. they pester me with silly superstitions. of course, i expected it of the lesser races. i assured them though that whatever it is. wether or not it exists to do evil, surely corellon will protect us from it. that same night i came out and observed it secretly from church bell tower.

i grew worrisome.


DM: The Blot

Life has returned to normal in Sandpoint except for a strange atmospheric phenomenon that lately manifested in the sky above the town. The strange blot has hung in the air for several weeks, moving slowly in what appears to be a random pattern in the sky. At first assumed to be a dark cloud, it soon became evident that it often moved at odds with the wind. The blot itself resembles nothing so much as a shadow floating in the sky, almost as if some large but unseen object were partially blocking the sun’s rays.

The local sage Brodert Quint (Gryffin’s adopted father) first noticed the Blot before it was visible to the naked eye. He called it an “atmospheric shadow” and it was subsequently named for him as it became more visible.