guillaume: the meet

there was an awkward silence between us. i watched kythan out from the corner of my eye. i was careful not to look at him directly prefering to put up pretense of having a worthwhile conversation to whoever was beside me. i was at first amenable to the idea of going back home but now knowing what i could potentially lose everything. everything that i have dreamed of. i am threatened. i knew that kythan was looking at me. i will not yield. i will not go back if it means .. i do not want to go there. i should not even have these thoughts. i should focus on the present. i need to be out here where i count.

when kythan describe the drow plot, i was first to speak.

ces drows qu'est-ce qu'ils veulent possiblement avec sandpoint?
(what do they possibly want with sandpoint?)

several of the women in the chamber howled in disbelief. and others, notably farmers or of the sort, who knew nothing of the world outside openly threw down their disapproval as if their will mattered at all. others knew nothing of drows. the chilren began to cry. gripped with mixed emotions, the room simmered for a few more moments.

what could they possibly want of sandpoint. kythan repeated outloud in the common tongue. the room went silent. everyone wanted to hear what the eladrin had to say.

(kythan explains here)


Jarek's Atonement

Weeks have pass since I dreamt of Tsuto and Nualia. The two of them welcomed me to their group and shared me their secrets. Secrets that gnawed my mind and soul. I almost ended up like them but my friends saved me from my mistake.

Now I am trying to rebuild my life. Trying to figure out what to do next. News of my treachery and deciet has spread. People in town hate me even more. Even my teacher and the other rangers have renounced me.

I've been living under the church, thanks to the Guy. But such kindness also has a price. A tsunami has struck Sandpoint. The priest called me to join them and defend the town once again. I'd prefer to hide under the temple basement but the eladrin priest was adamant.

The town needs warriors to protect her. I was needed.


DM: Sabotage!

Night quickly approaches and the party makes their way towards the dock. The talk up on the lighthouse hasn't resolved much so the concensus was that they head down to the docks where Kythan said he'll be meeting with the captain of a ship.

The info the eladrin gave them was easy enough to follow. The Ravenstorm is a four-masted vessel built for speed. With a narrow beam, sharply raked stem, and square rig, the distinctive design gives the ship great speed on the waves when under full sail.

With most of the other ships still in repairs, it isn't hard to find the ship.

The party however finds more that just the ship. The ravenstorm's deck is empty expect for a handful and the saboteurs pour who are currently pouring oil over the rigging and sails.

A sixth person stands at the gangplank connecting the dock to the maindeck and holds a small bottle of what looks like to be alchemist fire.


Harrod: Agreement

"Why, yes." Harrod answered the eladrin. "I've did just recently returned from a
“practice run” from Riddleport to Magnimar and back, and I'm intrigued to learn of the recent events here in Sandpoint. Although the falling star was impressive, it went largely unnoticed by the Lost Coast and Magnimar 200 or so miles to the

"So you'll be willing to take us to Devil's Elbow?"

"Like I said, I'd also want to investigate what's out at Devil’s Elbow." Harrod gladly answers. "But who's us?"

Before Kythan could answer a noise could be heard from just outside the ship.

"That should probably be them. I told my party where to find the ship."


Kythan: The Ship

Leaving the others while they deliberated on their decision, the eladrin headed towards the docks. The tsunami has destroyed most of it, along with most of the ships which were there during the event, a couple of ships survived luckily out at sea.

Kythan was heading towards one of these ships. The ship itself was small compared to the others but what it lacked in size it made up for speed. The owner and captain of the ship prefers the speed and planned to sail the oceans in record time.

He has heard of this captain and has asked around in preparation of the trip ahead. Hopefully, the others would decide soon and allow them to leave.

Kythan moved up to one of the crewmen watching over the boarding area of the ship.

"Is Captain Harrod Lorrins aboard? Do tell him that Kythan Dayereth wishes to speak to him regarding hiring the Ravenstorm for an immediate trip."